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We Are Raw Shorts

An AI-Powered Video Creator That Has Been Used by Over 2 Million Businesses, Marketers, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs. 

Since 2013, Raw Shorts has been a pioneer in the video creation space, giving individuals the ability to easily create videos. Our cloud-based software has helped millions of people and businesses push out video content that has improved visibility and bump up revenue, and with our upcoming data to video workflows — Raw Shorts is looking to disrupt the video space … again. 

Earn 20% Commission Selling These Plans 

Pricing for Raw Shorts 

$708 per year 


$89 per month

50 Exports / Month
20 Licensed Clips / Month
Upload to Youtube
Download as MP4
Max Length: 10 Minutes
50 Media Libraries
Premium Music Library
20 Premium Video Libraries
HTML5 Builder
1080p Resolution
100 GB Storage
Social Video Formats
Animated Charts
Save Scenes
No Watermarks
No Outro
Team Collaboration
Commercial Rights
Prioritized Support

$468 per year 


$49 per month

25 Exports / Month
10 Licensed Clips / Month
Upload to Youtube
Download as MP4
Max Length: 5 Minutes
25 Media Libraries
Premium Music Library
10 Premium Video Libraries  
HTML5 Builder
1080p Resolution
10 GB Storage
Social Video Formats
Animated Charts
Save Scenes
No Watermarks
No Outro

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What Customers Think

I was searching for a video application and came across Rawshorts. This is a fantastic video product for multiple applications (social, web, etc.) I was very pleased with the product I produced with the help of watching the tutorials and an occasional support chat.

by: Freddie T.
Following an experience of 01-16-2019 

I love this video maker great features such as stock videos, hundreds of video templates to choose from and particularly AI video maker. Easy for converting text to video. Awesome online video maker! 

by: Saba P.
Following an experience of 01-31-2019 

With zero experience in graphic design, I was able to create a video in less than 2 hours that sent a clear message to my audience. It made me look like a pro and like I invested tons of hours and $$$. This is a great tool and I will continue to use in my organization. 

by: Miguel B.
Following an experience of 12-03-2018 

Why Should You Promote Raw Shorts? 

Raw Shorts has been a force in the video creation space, with over 2 million customers (and growing), we’re looking to help more people and businesses create videos with ease. This affiliate program will not only allow us to grow, but will give us the resources to add more features that will generate revenue for Raw Shorts, and more importantly, you our affiliate.

We Have a 

Dedicated Team

Aside from our group of talented developers (spread throughout the globe), we have a talented customer support team that has helped nearly every single customer get acquainted with the software. So once a user becomes a paying client expect them to get great customer support to keep them engaged.

Raw Shorts Generates

Millions in Revenue

Product is

Always Improving

Our product has already proved itself within the market. Though there are several competitors in the space, we have been around long enough to have generated (and continually generate) millions per year; and with new features on the horizon, expect to get a nice chunk of the pie. 

The current version of Raw Shorts is already generating revenue, but we are constantly adding media partners, features, and fixes to ensure quality. This upcoming year, we are going to be adding new functionalities, like the spreadsheet-to-video feature allowing affiliates to sell to enterprises.

What Your Payouts Will Look Like

 Business Sales: 
$18 / Monthly Recurring Revenue
Total of $216 a year per active user

$141 / Annual Recurring Revenue

Essential Sales: 
$9.80 / Monthly Recurring Revenue
Total of $118 a year per active user 

$93  / Annual Recurring Revenue 

These are just the payouts from the current iteration Raw Shorts plans. You will be able to earn 20% commission on any future products that we push out. It should also be noted that if a user enters a coupon code we pay affiliates the rate after the coupon is applied. When there are new rewards our affiliates updated via e-mails from our affiliate service First Promoter.

Yes. I Want to Make Recurring Revenue.

A Flexible Video Creator That Can Create Different Types of Videos

Use Scripts to Create Text-To-Video

Our spreadsheet-to-video, content-to-video, and data-to-video features are going to be released early 2020. Meaning that you’ll be able to earn even more. 

Video Infographics

Whiteboard Videos

Animated Videos

Chart Videos

Animated Explainer

Explainer Videos

And More!

Videos Powered by Artificial Intelligence 

Why Do People Love Raw Shorts?

Raw Shorts uses a branch of artificial intelligence called Natural Language Processing to help generate the best assets, icons, and clips for a user’s video. With one simple text script, users will have a solid foundation for their videos. 

Easy-to-Use Video Editor

The Raw Shorts Video Editor is our bread and butter. After using artificial intelligence to come up with a video, users are able to quickly edit a video and add different icons, animations, narration, music, and more. 

Thousands of Stock Videos and Pre-Made Templates  

Users intimidated by building videos from scratch? We have thousands of high-quality stock videos and photos from some of the best media providers on the web. A lot of our users start off simple with a template and go from there.  

No Video Production Company. No Editors.
No Ridiculous Costs.

Raw Shorts is a cloud-based service, meaning there’s nothing to install or set up. It’s just a matter of setting things up and getting things going. A user won’t need freelancers, animators, or production agencies, simply have people sign up and pay to play.

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